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  • Linear Tracking System
  • 4 Sets of Steel Bearings
  • 4' Rods
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  • Linear Tracking System
  • 4 Sets of Steel Bearings
  • 4' Rods
  • 100mm Ball
  • All terrain leg system giving you extra height to deal with uneven ground
  • The over-molded, non-skid, ball feet are designed to withstand rough ground while being gentle enough not to damage delicate surfaces
  • With this system you can sit the Atlas 30 anywhere
  • Uses 5/8" chromed steel rods and a body precision machined from a single block of aluminum. It was developed in collaboration with the studio crew from to meet their needs for rapid setup, rock solid stabiltiy, silky slow movements, light weight and compactness for air travel
  • The system is designed for ultra-smooth movements on loads up to 30lbs using long even long focal length lenses, and will accept heavier loads up to 45lbs with no complaints
  • The system uses a highly refined steel ball bearing system. It can be broken down by hand for easy transport. As of June 22, 2010, all Atlas 30 units have a 100mm bowl integrated into them, making the unit lighter, stronger, and less expensive!
  • Machined from a single block of solid aluminum and riding on over 240 circulating steel ball-bearings
  • Offers unmatched stability and precision, from the slowest push-in to the fastest trucking shot
  • Aluminum blocks which house the rails can be mounted on a tripod, c-stand or sit squarely on any solid surface
  • Its steel rods are chrome plated, heightening stiffness, smoothness and durability to provide rock-steady support for right up to 30 pounds
  • CNC machined aluminum body and blocks
  • Tool-free set-up
  • Built-in brake
  • 100mm Ball:
  • Fits our 100mm bowl (or any other manufacturer's 100mm bowl)
  • Computer machined from billet aluminum, lightened, then powder coated
  • Tensioning knob is computer machined from billet aluminum
  • Threaded shaft is stainless steel for a corrosion proof assembly
  • The entire assembly is designed to be very low profile to allow use of the rig on our Pegasus systems without interference below the rails
  • The ball allows you to mount any tripod head (and level it!) that attaches using the standard 3/8" thread. Any of Manfrotto's tripod heads for example, attach directly

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