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  • Small 1 1/4-Stop Diffusion Panel
  • Combats the Harshest Light
  • Ideal for Head Shots & 3/4 Length
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WESTCOTT SCRIM JIM SM 1-1/4 STOP FABRIC Original:$84.99! Save:$15.49!

Sale Price: $69.50

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  • Small 1 1/4-Stop Diffusion Panel
  • Combats the Harshest Light
  • Ideal for Head Shots & 3/4 Length
  • Sets Up in Seconds
  • Lightweight design makes this product ideal for on location
  • Hook and loop tape provides a taut and secure fit
  • Harsh sunlight:
  • We know you can't always control the time of day or the conditions we photograph or film in
  • For that reason, we have developed our thickest diffusion fabric yet - 1 1/4-Stop
  • This extra heavy fabric will help battle even the harshest of sunlight and recommended only for use with full afternoon sun
  • Compact size:
  • The smallest size in our Scrim Jim line, this fabric fits our 42" x 42" aircraft aluminum frame and is ideal for headshots up to 3/4 length
  • Quick set up:
  • As fabrics easily attach to the frame through the use of hook and loop tape, changes can be made in seconds
  • No straps to tie and untie every time a fabric needs changed
  • Industrial tape:
  • Fabrics easily attach to the frame through the use of automotive grade industrial hook and loop tape
  • Easily hand held:
  • This fabric incorporates four openings for easy hand-holding of the frame and fabric
  • Corner straps:
  • Each fabric is designed with four corner straps that wrap around each corner of the Scrim Jim frame
  • When attaching a fabric to the frame, secure these four corners first
  • This will help provide for the most even and taut fit
  • Pure color:
  • Fabrics are pure in color so the color temperature going into the fabric is the same color temperature coming back out
  • Modular Design:
  • The ultimate in portability and versatility, 1 Scrim Jim frame can create up to four different sizes
  • With over 35 fabrics offered, this system provides what you need to shoot indoors or outdoors
  • Ideal for outdoor photographers:
  • Take anywhere by simply throwing in a gear bag, Scrim Jim frames and fabrics fold down to fit into one portable carry case
  • Specifications:
  • Item Width: 42.0" / 1.1 m
  • Item Length: 42.0" / 1.1 m
  • Item Depth: 0.1" / 0.3 cm
  • Item Weight: 0.4 lbs. / 0.2 kg
  • Folded Width: 8.0" / 20.3 cm
  • Folded Length: 11.0" / 27.9 cm
  • Folded Depth: 1.3" / 3.2 cm
  • In the Box:
  • (1) 42" Sm 1-1/4-Stop China Silk Fabric Panel

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  • (1) 42" Sm 1-1/4-Stop China Silk Fabric Panel
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