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Product Highlights :
  • Super Wide-angle Lens
  • Anti-reflection Coating
  • Close Focusing of only 0.22 m
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ZEISS ZE 21MM F2.8 LENS CANON Original:$2,700.10! Save:$500.60!

Sale Price: $2,199.50

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  • Super Wide-angle Lens
  • Anti-reflection Coating
  • Close Focusing of only 0.22 m
  • Filter Diameter: 82mm
  • Exceptional colour control allows for extraordinary high contrast pictures without any colour fringes
  • Due to the Carl Zeiss T * anti-reflection coating and its outstanding attenuation of stray light, the Distagon T * 2.8 / 21 provides brilliant results under all lighting conditions
  • With close focusing of only 0.22 m (0.72 ft) it is as attractive for landscape photography as for subjects with dramatic perspectives
  • Suitable for analog or digital full-frame SLR cameras
  • Large front filter diameter even allows for the use of standard screw-in filters when combined with the standard lens shade
  • Specifications:
  • Focal length: 21 mm
  • Aperture range: f/2.8 - f/22 (1/2 steps)
  • Focusing range: 0.22 m - infinity
  • Number of elements/groups: 16/13
  • Angular field, diag./horiz.: 90°/81°
  • Coverage at close range: 18 x 12 cm
  • Filter thread: M 82 x 0.75
  • Dimensions: (with caps) 87 mm, length 109 mm
  • Weight: 600 g

Lens Performance
Lens Type:Digital SLR Lenses
Focal Length:21mm
Maximum Aperture:f/2.8
Aperture (Max. & Min.):Max: f/2.8, Min: f/22
Camera Mount Type:Canon EF
Format Compatibility:35mm Film/Full-Frame Digital Sensor, Canon (APS-C)
Angle of View:90 degrees
Minimum Focus Distance:0.22m
Maximum Close-Up Magnification:0.20x
Groups/Elements:13 Groups/16 Elements
Diaphragm Blades:N/A
Lens Features
Image Stabilization:No
Tripod Collar:No
Filter Thread:82mm
Dimensions (DxL):3.43x4.29"
Additional Information
Warranty:1 year manufacturer warranty

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Product Reviews

  • *****
  • The nicest wideangle lens I have used.

  • April 03, 2014
  • By: Rob

This is the nicest wide angle lens that I have used! A very close second is the Leica 24mm Elmarit-M ASPH. The Zeiss to my eye matches the Leica's incredible sharpness and contrast, and the wide angle images just beg to be scrutinised and perused for every last tiny morsel of detail. Another similar lens that I still own and currently use is the Canon 24Lmk2. The Zeiss' contrast and sharpness, again, just feel a little bit higher and compelling, and the out-of-focus areas are a bit smoother. The 24/1.4 a very good lens, but the Zeiss, again, just possesses a certain added quality. Above all, though, shockingly, I find the Zeiss 21mm is able to exhibit that 3D look that so many other lenses in the lineup are fabled for, despite being a wide angle lens with 2.8 maximum aperture. The effect isn't as pronounced as it is with higher focal lengths, but is still very present. The quality of the out-of-focus areas, in tandem with the terrific sharpness would seem to play a large roll in this. It is in this regard that the lens really wins out over all of the other wide angle lenses that i have mentioned. The Canon 24LmkII is able to do a good job at creating depth with its 1.4 aperture, but the Zeiss still wins out, to my eye, in making it seem real. The Canon 24/1.4 is able to emphasize the focal plane apart from the fore- and backgrounds, but the Zeiss still makes me feel more as though I am looking at a real scene. It isn't a matter of the one feeling more or less out-of-focus, it is a matter of the sense that if I move my head to the side a bit, more of the background will reveal itself behind the subject. Architectural photographers might notice some funny distortion in the corners. In street and landscape photography, I have never, ever noticed this. I gather that Adobe lens profiles for the lens solve the issue satisfactorily. For landscape work, the Zeiss 21mm handles being stopped down to f/16 very well. The front of the lens, which takes an 82mm, is a little wide, and even moreso with the hood. I find I have to be a bit more organised with packing my shoulder bag, as the bulk does affect the ease with which the lens can be quickly stowed or grabbed. I find the weight to be quite nice and appropriate. The focus is very smooth, and the narrower barrel around the focusing ring is especially comfortable and quick to adjust. All in all, if you are in search of a wide angle prime lens, I would recommend this lens without reservation, so long as you are not in need of autofocus. It is, again, the very nicest wide angle lens that I feel I have ever had the pleasure of using!

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