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Price: $22.99

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  • *****
  • Great Creative Uses

  • October 24, 2012
  • By: Blake

The previous review mentioned the intended use of a lot of the gels in this pack, to correct the flash colour to the natural lighting. The other use is to change the colour of background/foreground/or subject matter in your photo. If you're limited to a fairly bland room to shoot it, add one of the coloured gels to a flash and aim it at a wall. Suddenly you get a burst of colour, when combined with the texture of the wall, can make a great backdrop. All the while, using a built in or secondary flash, you can light your subject perfectly normal. Also works great if you're doing themed shoots, including costumes, and you want to add the appropriate colour. The sample pack gives you a ton of options to try out and and experiment with. Use it to learn how to correct the flash colour to your lighting, or to completely change the colour of the room you're shooting in. For just over $20, gives you a lot of opportunities to learn and have fun with your photography

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  • *****
  • Match your flash colour to ambient

  • August 15, 2011
  • By: P.Davis

Flash colour correction can't be done in post production. This kit, along with the Honl strap, allows you to better match your flash colour to the ambient light colour so your photos look natural rather than 'flashy'. Included in the kit: Full CTO, Half CTO, Quarter CTO, Full Plus Green, Half CTB as well as a few creative colour filters: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Frost.

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