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  • Teleplus Pro 300 1.4X Converter
  • Genuine Gate Array IC
  • Precision Multicoated Opt. Glass
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  • Teleplus Pro 300 1.4X Converter
  • Genuine Gate Array IC
  • Precision Multicoated Opt. Glass
  • Does not cause vignetting
  • Glass elements were designed to match the optical quality of the prime lens (even at the edges) and telephoto zoom lenses
  • Optical design of the elements and light path is wide enough not to cause vignetting
  • Designed specifically to be used with prime telephoto lenses of 100mm or above
  • Work best with telephoto lenses of 200mm to 500mm
  • Can be used with telephoto zoom lenses as well as prime lenses
  • Kenko does not recommend them for zoom lenses that have a range starting under 50 mm
  • Genuine Gate Array IC (Integrated Circuitry) - converter's own unique circuitry maintains signal integrity between the camera body and lens
  • Designed to electronically operate the same way as an original manufacturer's converter
  • With the PRO 300 1.4x, full AF operation is possible with camera lenses having a maximum aperture of F4 or brighter (same light and contrast requirements apply)
  • Magnification - 1.4x
  • Depth of field - 1/1.4 of prime lens
  • Lens construction - 5E/2G (1.4x)
  • Lens coating - Multicoating
  • Exposure Magnification - Approx. 1 stop (1.4x)
  • Width - 0 in. (67mm) (1.4x)
  • Length - 0 in. (19.4mm) (1.4x)
  • Weight - 4.7 oz. (132g.)
  • Canon Mount

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  • *****
  • Works as it should

  • May 01, 2015
  • By: Kris

Less expensive than Canon unit but works (I guess, not having used Canon's unit) just as well. No problem with sharpness or anything else. Definitely worth the price. I would recommend this to a friend.

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