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Product Highlights :
  • Convertible Backpack/Shoulder Bag
  • Foam Collar for Large Glass
  • Foam Ring for Smaller Hoods
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  • Convertible Backpack/Shoulder Bag
  • Foam Collar for Large Glass
  • Foam Ring for Smaller Hoods
  • Raincover
  • Will hold large lenses or a camera system
  • Holds up to a 500mm f4 lens, 300mm f2.8 lens with SLR attached, or SLR with 70-200 attached with hood in position
  • Features:
  • Can be used as a shoulder bag
  • Can be used as a backpack
  • Holds up to a 500mm f4 lens
  • Holds pro size SLR
  • Holds a 300 mm f2.8 with SLR
  • Pro Speed Belt can be attached
  • Pro Speed Belt can removed
  • Front rail can hold Modular and Skin components
  • Monopod attachment
  • Tripod attachment
  • Tuck away shoulder harness
  • Business card holder
  • Inside mesh pocket
  • Compatible With - Pro Speed Belt, Skin components, Modular components
  • Product Includes - Shoulder Strap, Dividers, Foam Security Collar attachment, Foam Ring for smaller hoods, Seam-sealed raincover, Monopod/ Tripod Straps
  • Internal Dimensions - 16.25" H x 8.25" W x 8" D (41.5cm x 21 cm x 20 cm)
  • External Dimensions - 17" H x 8.5" W x 9.5" D (43 cm x 22 cm x 24 cm)
  • Weight - 2 lbs. / 440 g - 3 lbs. 11 oz. / 1366 g (depending on accessories used)

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Product Reviews

  • *****
  • Great For On The Move

  • March 22, 2016
  • By: Robert

The best features of the Think Tank Glass Taxi are super comfort, compact size and incredible flexibility. It fits my 7D Mark II with my 100-400mm L II attached (hood reversed) with room to spare, plus two other smaller zooms, a 50mm prime and my 430EX II flash and some small gear. I'm sure the 110-400mm would also fit with a teleconverter. An included cradle with velcro strap can be used to hold a lens in place is, but I find I don’t need it unless I’ve got one of the smaller zooms attached to the body. A compact tripod and/or monopod can be strapped to either side of the pack separately or at the same time, using pockets at the base of the pack (straps for both included with the pack). If you try to put a heavier tripod on one side, the weight throws the pack off balance. Other gear or Think Tank (TT) accessories can be attached to the sides or to the front of the pack as well. When I’ve got a lot of heavy gear packed or if I’m moving quickly, I use the TT Pro Speed Belt v2.0 with the pack to take some weight off the shoulders and keep it in place. I also use the belt with the pack if I’m not packing the 100-400, using a couple of TT lens pouch at the front for swapping lenses without removing the pack. Overall, this is a great compact bag for taking a moderate amount of gear for a shoot. The comfortable shoulder straps alone make this a bag of choice. I looked at a lot of bags before purchasing – glad I did. It’s extremely well thought out.

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  • *****
  • Go-to bag for sports & long-lens action!

  • April 12, 2011
  • By: Domenico

I needed a bag to fit my pro DLSR with my 70-200 & 1.4x teleconverter. After a long search, I finally came across the Glass Taxi. This bag is phenomenal. It allows me to carry only the gear I need to a sports shoot in a very small and convenient package. I'm able to place my 70-200 with hood extended so I can simply take it out and start shooting, or if I reverse the hood, I can have my 1.4x teleconverter already attached and ready to go straight out of the bag. On the inside, there's a very nice cradle with a wide velcro strap that holds my lens in place so that it doesn't wobble or shake around while I'm walking from location to location and it even comes with straps to attach a monopod and/or tripod to the side. Although, attaching a tripod to the side makes it quite off balance, a monopod is perfect. With this being a modular system, I've also been able to attach a Think Tank Lightning Fast case to the outside for those days when I need to have my flash with me, just in case. This is my go to bag now for any sporting event and I couldn't ask for more.

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