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  • Chemical Consistence: Li-ion
  • Maximum Output Voltage: DC 8.4V
  • Capacity: 6.1Wh / 900mAh
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  • Chemical Consistence: Li-ion
  • Maximum Output Voltage: DC 8.4V
  • Capacity: 6.1Wh / 900mAh
  • Perfect for smaller camcorders
  • Sony's NPFH50 InfoLITHIUM H Series Rechargeable Battery Pack featuring ActiFORCE technology
  • You never know when one of life's special moments will come around
  • Be sure your camcorder is always ready to capture the action with Sony batteries
  • The compact NP-FH50 rechargeable battery pack features InfoLITHIUM & ActiFORCE technologies which ensure maximum power, minimum charging time and excellent battery performance
  • It's the perfect battery for newer, ultra-compact camcorders
  • ActiFORCE technology ensures fast recharge rate, extended power & optimal performance in all weather conditions
  • Compact and lightweight InfoLITHIUM H Series Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • Dimensions (Approx.): 31.8mm x 18.5mm x 45.0mm
  • Weight (Approx.): 1.89 oz (50g)
  • Operating Temperature: 32° to 104° F (0° to 40° C)
  • Battery Series Name: InfoLithium H Series
  • Mean Output Voltage: DC 6.8V
  • Capacity Indicator on Package: 6.1Wh / 900mAh
  • Compatibility:
  • DSC-HX1
  • DSC-HX100V
  • DSC-HX200V
  • DCR-DVD92
  • DCR-DVD103
  • DCR-DVD105
  • DCR-DVD108
  • DCR-DVD203
  • DCR-DVD205
  • DCR-DVD305
  • DCR-DVD308
  • DCR-DVD403
  • DCR-DVD405
  • DCR-DVD408
  • DCR-DVD505
  • DCR-DVD508
  • DCR-DVD610
  • DCR-DVD650
  • DCR-DVD710
  • DCR-DVD810
  • DCR-DVD850
  • DCR-HC20
  • DCR-HC21
  • DCR-HC26
  • DCR-HC28
  • DCR-HC30
  • DCR-HC32
  • DCR-HC36
  • DCR-HC38
  • DCR-HC40
  • DCR-HC42
  • DCR-HC46
  • DCR-HC48
  • DCR-HC52
  • DCR-HC54
  • DCR-HC62
  • DCR-HC65
  • DCR-HC96
  • DCR-SR40
  • DCR-SR42
  • DCR-SR45
  • DCR-SR46
  • DCR-SR47
  • DCR-SR48
  • DCR-SR60
  • DCR-SR62
  • DCR-SR65
  • DCR-SR67
  • DCR-SR80
  • DCR-SR82
  • DCR-SR85
  • DCR-SR87
  • DCR-SR100
  • DCR-SR200
  • DCR-SR220
  • DCR-SR300
  • DCR-SX40
  • DCR-SX41
  • DCR-SX60
  • HDR-CX7
  • HDR-CX12
  • HDR-CX100
  • HDR-CX500V
  • HDR-CX520V
  • HDR-HC3
  • HDR-HC5
  • HDR-HC7
  • HDR-HC9
  • HDR-SR5
  • HDR-SR7
  • HDR-SR8
  • HDR-SR10
  • HDR-SR11
  • HDR-SR12
  • HDR-TG1
  • HDR-TG5V
  • HDR-UX5
  • HDR-UX7
  • HDR-UX20
  • HDR-XR100
  • HDR-XR101
  • HDR-XR200V
  • HDR-XR500V
  • HDR-XR520V

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